Welcome to my first Proper Blog

June 7, 2006

Hello and welcome to my first blog. I have been trying to make an income online for about 9 months now and although I have been earning a trickle of income from Google adsense, I have not actually made any money from any other methods at all. I have decided to write this blog because I am fed up with all the crap that I read on the subject of Internet Marketing and I am convinced that the majority of claims about these huge incomes are just not true. I'm sure that there are loaded people out there who have been earning well for years but are they getting richer now only by selling information on how they did it in the first place?

Although I won't name names I am also getting fed up with the famous names who at first appear genuine, but after getting loads of crap emails from them endorsing yet another product (that they probably don't use!!!), I am getting more and more cynical.

I am sure I will be accused of being negative and doomed to failure with this attitude but in my traditional business life (as an Optician would you believe?) I was really quite successful. However I have always believed in genuine quality information, advice and service and as I have not compromised these beliefs in my internet marketing websites amongst others, I have not as yet, 'made it'.

It would be so easy for me to lie or exaggerate my earnings on my website and therefore get more sales by the 'If I can do it, you can do it too tactic', but I do not believe this is the way forward.

If you agree with me, let me know, or if you don't convince me otherwise. I want to be convinced!